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ALS-Massachusetts Chimney-UNIMAR-small size

ALS System

The ALS system is used to raise and lower light Aeronautical and other light fixtures mounted on Communication Towers and Smoke Stacks. The ALS system can raise and lower fixtures mounted 100 meters high. Lowering the fixtures to ground level provides a safe, and efficient way of maintaining them.

The different part numbers are based on the mounting height, fixture mount adaptor, number of contacts, and options such as finish.

See example: ALS-100-34M-8C-GRY

ALS – Tower mount system attached to external of tower or smokestack.

100– fixture height (in feet) (100M in meters).
34M – 3/4″ Male thread fixture stem.
8C – 8 contacts for multiple circuits.
GRY – Options such as Powder Coat painted finish (WHT-White, BLK-Black, GRY-Gray, BRZ-Bronze).

All contacts are copper with MIL SPEC nickel plating and 30 microinch gold plating over nickel. The gold plating passes the Industrial Mixed Flowing Gas test designated to create corrosion. Socket contacts have beryllium copper springs that assure constant contact with pins.

For Detailed ALS Specifications, click here.