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The CEPM system is a pole or tower mount system. This system is used to mount a camera lowering system onto an existing external structure such as an existing monotube pole or communication tower.

The different products within the CEPM system consists of a system with a portable lowering tool and with a permanent mounted lowering tool. Options include the kind and length of composite (electrical/signal) cable, length of cable, and type of finish. See sample ordering information below for: CEPM-DN-XX-YY PG

  • CEPM – External pole mount system.
  • DN– Type of Signal/Power cable
  • XX – Raising and Lowering Cable Distance (Height of Camera from base of pole).
  • YY – Amount of Signal Cable (From disconnect unit to cabinet).
  • P– Permanent mount Lowering Tool.
  • G – Guy (Guide) Cable
  • Optional Powder Coat paint finish. Note RAL # or other paint # requested.


This is an external mount system with a permanent lowering system inside an aluminum cabinet at the base of the pole or other structure. Optional for the permanent system includes the lowering tool inside a stainless steel cabinet.

For spec details, click here.


This is an external mount system with a portable lowering system. The base of the pole consists of a cast aluminum, Heavy Gauge,  Security Lock Box. Only one portable lowering tool (LT-4-XX) is needed per project. The LT-4-XX tool  is attached to the Security Box to operate the system. When maintenance in completed, the tool is unattached, removed, and stored away.

For specs details, click here.