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North Star Lighting, LLC. and Lowering Device has earned the following ISO certifications:


What does it meant to be ISO certified?

In a nutshell it means and ISO certified company can deliver consistent quality, standard operation and efficiency.
A certified company will also be more apt to deliver products under severe conditions, and create recyclable products that will ultimately create less problems for the environment. Consequently, an ISO certified company will typically have less problems or issues with safety and environmental laws and regulations. As a result, this company will be more financially sustainable in the long term. See below for some more benefits that the certifications provide.


Benefits of ISO Certification companies

Standardization Purposes:

  • Streamlined production processes
  • Ability to ensure product consistency and maintain safety standards
  • In general, companies experience substantial technological and socioeconomic benefits as a result of standardization.

Satisfy customer requirements

by improving the quality of processes and products

Better describe, understand, and communicate the company’s processes

ISO requires companies to identify and describe your processes using business metrics. The purpose is to better manage and control business processes. Metrics are used to understand and communicate the company’s systems’ performance against customer goals.

Improve the consistency of operations

Reducing variation in company processes is the best way to achieve consistency. Customers are served best when provided with a consistent product: e.g. the same dimensions, same weight, same tolerances and the same output.

Improve efficiency, reduce waste and save money

As a result of improved processes, more consistency is gained in production, quality improves and waste and inefficiency is also reduce. The result is a better product and cost savings.

Facilitate collaboration in business

The fact that ISO is widely accepted internationally facilitates the realization of collaborative business, research and the development of new products. Standardization allows the company to do international business with the certainty of ensuring the compatibility and invariability of a product or an input used in its process.

Effects on environment:

From supply chain to product life cycle, the company looks for renewable resources to facilitate a  sustainable business model in the long term.


Attention to safety of the whole company from employee to facility, from work processes to natural disaster preparedness. This makes the company more robust and able to operated under stressful conditions to meet customer demands.



If company has ISO 9001: it means customers can get a higher quality and more consistent product

If a company has ISO 14001: it means this company tries to influence its supply chain, tries to create minimum bio-degradable waste and use global resources less or inrenewable ways.

If a company has ISO 45001: it means this company is ready for controllable and uncontrollable events that may affect production and the quality of the product, and are  still able to deliver products on time or with minimal delay.