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Camera Lowering Systems, a division of North Star Lighting Inc., has experience in lowering systems dating back to 1967. Their engineering and marketing know how has been a major force in the industry starting with their pioneering efforts in the development of the first raising and lowering High Mast system in the United States.

Realizing the need for this type of maintenance they have perfected new lowering systems for indoor and outdoor applications at reduced cost; at the same time keeping the system simple and safer for maintenance people to operate.

cameraCamera Lowering Systems lowering devices offer three major feature:

– Safety
– Simplicity

New lowering systems offer fast, safe and easy maintenance of cameras and other devices in high or inaccessible areas. All servicing is done at ground level. Hazardous and time consuming high lift truck maintenance is eliminated. The efficiency of the higher mounting height need not present a problem in servicing the equipment. The use of high mounting height results in fewer cameras This results in reduced installation costs and less power usage. This savings offsets the cost of the lowering system. Cameras and other devices are lowered individually eliminating the need to lower massive lowering units which are complicated, expensive and heavy.

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