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Camera Lowering Systems and Lighting & Lowering Systems are two of the many product lines of North Star Lighting Inc.

We have been manufacturing lowering devices since 1987. Our systems allow for the SAFE, INEXPENSIVE, and EASY maintenance of a variety of devices that are mounted to very high, and difficult to reach locations.  Using our lowering systems, our customers are able to lower these devices whether it is a camera, a light fixture or a solar panel; service them and raise them back up to their original locked positions.

Camera Lowering Systems manufactures raising and lowering systems to lower and raise cameras and other communication devices in the transportation and security markets. Our camera lowering devices are used by the majority of DOT’s in the US as well as internationally. We manufacture connectors utilizing up to 4-pair CAT5e or CAT6 ethernet cable for IP cameras, as well as twisted pairs and COAX for analog cameras.

Lighting & Lowering Systems manufactures systems to lower chandeliers, industrial fixtures, security fixtures, and stage lighting bars down to the floor for ease of re-lamping and cleaning. Our units are used in schools, gymnasiums, churches, large retailers, universities, State capital building, libraries, museums, arboretums, and private homes around the country.